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25 July, 2020: ULTRA Mediocre foundation member Matty "Cheeseburgler" Griggs runs 100km, 12hr, 100mile, and 200km PBs at the Australian 24hr Track Invitational.

18 July, 2020: ULTRA Mediocre foundation member Cian "The Sensible" Grey places 1st in the team of 2 category at the Elephant Trail Race in Port Maquarie in 16:58:40.

6 June, 2020: The Inaugural 6hr Grindfest takes places in Torrens, ACT. A brutal day for all involved, with some heroic performances. Read the runners' stories here. William Barlow also made this great video about the event. --->

23 May, 2020: In recent weeks the dream of an ULTRA Mediocre running club is becoming a reality. Aaron Broughton, Matty G and @elliotrunsalot have worked together to gather the mediocrest ultra runners of Canberra for a foundation 6hr Grindfest due to take place on 6 June in Torrens, ACT. Today we launch our first club t-shirts and singlets.

Ultra mediocre gear.png

17 May, 2020: Matty G and @elliotrunsalot make the Canberra Times with a full page article on our unsupported Cent written by Alex Crowe and a couple of great photos by Dion Georgopoulos and Mutsumi Yamazaki. 

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